Tuesday, February 13, 2007

"Latin" Chicken and Rice Pot w/ Garlic Chili Green Beans

Originally Posted on 10/09/06

Tonight I made a recipe from 30 Minute Meal called Latin Chicken and Rice Pot. I went shopping last night for all the ingrediants at Albertson's. I'd just like to warn everyone NOT to go grocery shopping on a Sunday night. The lines were really long.
You might notice that I put quotes (thanks frankster) around "Latin". When I went shopping for groceries, they didn't have something called Sazon seasoning blend. I tried the Mexican and spice aisle and neither of them carried it. Instead I went with creole seasoning.

Rachel Ray's recipe includes an Olive & Pepper Salsa with Avacado and Garlic Sour Cream which I opted to leave out. I did by some components of the salsa, but instead of serving half of it separately, I just dumped it into the pot along with the chicken, rice, seasonings and raisins. Yep, raisins with savory ingrediants. It's the latest flavor that Justyn and I enjoy. I think the first time we had it was at some Mediterranean restarant. It's super yummy as odd as it sounds.

I also made a quick side dish of green beans. I boiled them for about 4 minutes and then drained the water. In the same pot, I added some butter, chili flake and chopped garlic. Then I sauteed the green beans in the butter mixture and then it was ready.

I'd do this rice pot thing again, but with different flavors.

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