Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Review: Taqueria La Mordida

Originally Posted on 10/06/06

Tonight we went to a Mexican restaurant called Taquieria La Mordida. Originally, Justyn and I couldn't figure out what we were going to do for dinner, so he decided that we should have Mexican. I agreed, since I couldn't decide what I wanted for dinner.

Within a 2 mile radius from our condo, there are a bunch of Mexican restaurants in which we've never tried. I've already written a review of one of them (Casa Blanca) which was fairly decent the first time we went. Though the second time we went, it wasn't as good.

I have to point out that going to taquerias definitely pwnz any real Mexican restaurant I've ever been to. The food is so much better and more authentic. For starters, their chips and salsa are homemade. They're thicker than the chips at Chevy's, which I'm embaressed to say I absolutely love. However, these chips, while not comparable, are very good.

They had a couple soda refrigerators with sodas, beer and sangria. So I thought. I told Justyn to grab me sangria, but it turned out to be non-alchoholic. Besides my dismay, it wasn't half bad. I didn't miss the booze in it at all. Our entrees arrived quickly, although Justyn's got to the table before mine. He ordered the fajitas which weren't like the ones I normally see. The carnitas were chopped up with onions and bell peppers. Normally fajitas are chunks of meat. Not this time. I prefer fajitas served this way though. The flavors penetrate the meat better. About 5 minutes later, my plate arrived. I had the enchiladas with no beans and extra rice. This is what I normally order whenever I go to Mexican restaurants. I can never decide on what to get otherwise. I asked for two enchiladas, they gave me three. Score +1 for this place. They gave me plenty of rice, salad, sour cream and salsa fresco.

Overall, this place is waaaaaay better than Casa Blanca. I'd like to go back, however there's another Mexican restaurant we're going to try. I would give this place a 8. That may seem high, but based on all the Mexican places I've been to.. this has been the best I've had.

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