Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Review: Poor House Bistro

Originally Posted on 10/27/06

Yesterday for dinner Justyn and I met up with lefty from BARF. Lefty had started a thread about Cajun/Creole food. Just the thought of it made me start drooling. I had a dentist appointment at 4:00PM to go to, but we got at Poor House Bistro @ 5:45PM. Traffic was teh sux0r since we had to go through two accident scenes. Some jackass tried cutting into the carpool lane even though he wasn't. He said "Don't you see an accident's in the middle lane!! Everyone's trying to move out of the way." I just rolled up my window at that point. He muttered "Way to show class." As it turns out, the accident had moved over to the right side of the road. Way to go jackass.

Anyway, on with the review. The restaurant looks like it used to be an old house with a classic type porch and tables on either side of the door. It was really homey feeling which I liked. Very cute!

Lefty & his friend arrived about ten minutes later and we ordered our food. The restaurant is set up like a cafeteria where you pay first and get a buzzer thing letting you know when your food's ready. When we went up to order, I wanted to try a beer that I've never seen before. It had a purple label which caught my eye. Purple Haze. I asked the guy that took our order if it was any good. He said "Yeah, it's got a hint of raspberry in it. You might like it. If we had it on tap, I'd give you a taste, but we don't." I decided, ah what the heck.. Justyn ordered a Newcastle.

The Purple Haze wasn't too shabby. It did have a slight aftertaste of raspberry, but other than that, it tasted somewhat of a Hefeweizen (sp?). I'd drink it again.. but they had two other beers that I hadn't tried before, so maybe I'll go for one of those instead.

Our food arrived shortly after. The only dissapointing thing, was that the temperature was not as hot as it could've been. The flavor of my oyster Po Boy was really good though. Justyn ordered the red beans & rice with andouille sausage. Now THAT was good. For those of you who don't know, I absolutely hate beans. But it was delicious. I wanted more, but I had a sammich to eat. Lefty and his friend ordered the combo plate which consisted of gumbo, jumbalaya and red beans & rice. Lefty had the same as me with bread pudding and shrimp poppers. Everything had good flavor and everyone agreed. For dessert, I absolutely had to try the beignets. They were really good except for the foot (I'm exaggerating) high pile of powdered sugar on them. It was overkill, but the beignets kind of needed the sweetness. Otherwise, they'd be a savory treat.
After we ate, I had my after meal cigarette and talked to lefty's friend (Zim... something). Very nice girl... she was telling me about her background and story. I wouldn't mind hanging out with her again. Lefty's also a really cool and nice guy. After good coversation, we needed to get home since it was almost bed time.

I'd give this place a 7 of 10. If the food was fresh outta the fryer and whatnot, I would've given this place an 8. For southern food at a reasonable price, why not? Give it a try.

If any of you are interested here's the address:

Poor House Bistro
91 S. Autumn St.
San Jose, CA 95110

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