Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Weekend SF Trip w/ Friends

On Friday I met up with Erik & Justyn at their work to carpool over to SFO to pick up a couple friends. We then left the airport to our the Baldwin hotel to meet up with a few more people. Erik drove us all to Papalote which is a Mexican place featured on Bobby Flay's Throwdown on Food Network. To be honest, I was thrilled with the food. I ordered the chicken burrito but later found out that their specialty is their salsa and a burrito called the Triple Threat which has shrimp, fish & carne asada. I had a bite of their carne asada from someone else's burrito and it was more like a juicy fatty steak which was unlike any other carne asada that I've ever had.

After dinner we headed back over to the hotel and walked over to the Irish Bank across the street tucked behind an alleyway for some drinks. Some of us headed over to Chinatown for an after party and some stayed behind at the hotel. I'm not allowed to show those pictures or videos so you'll have to trust me that it was a damn good time.

It was getting pretty late but I got hungry so Justyn and I split off from the group and went to Lori's Diner for some food. We ended up getting just about the least healthy thing on the menu which was fish & chips. It was surprisingly delicious and it quickly filled my belly up.

The next morning, we went to The Liberty Cafe for breakfast & mimosas. I ordered the Breakfast Basket which featured a selection of delectable delights. It had two mini croissants, scones & an apple pastry (which was my favorite). Justyn had the sausage and spinach omelette which was equally as good. Our waitress, Kelly, was amazing and extremely helpful despite the large group she had to deal with. If you go to Liberty Cafe, make sure you say hi. She's super nice and made our breakfast a delight. (If this sounds like a yelp review, it is!)

After breakfast, Erik drove us all to the Golden Gate bridge for some touristy stuff. I was amazed by the view and was almost blown away, literally. It was super windy where we were but it made things more fun.

We then headed over to the Haight district for some shopping before going to Calzone’s for some Italian food. After dinner, everyone went back to the hotel to get ready for clubbing. Justyn and I didn’t end up going because we had to catch an early flight out to Vegas the next morning. Talk about a crazy vacation right? I miss everyone so much and wish we had more time to spend together but I know we’re just a flight away and we’ll hang out again soon. Erik deserves special props for being our designated taxi driver and for taking us all over SF. Thanks man! We had a blast!

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