Thursday, June 24, 2010

Reader's Choice Color Inspiration Challenge No. 4

I haven't participated in a Kristina Werner Color Inspiration challenge in a while have I? I really loved the picture in this challenge.. so bold. Perfect for a more masculine card which I actually needed. This card is actually a 2nd attempt. I started stitching on the dark blue cardstock and really loved the contrast so I redid it in a way that made it the focal point. I hope the recipient likes it :)
Edit: Wow. Epic FAIL. The deadline to submit this card was earlier this afternoon. NooOoOoO.. Oh well.


thesungirl said...

aww its a shame you missed the deadline! This was a nice one! I like the coral and the blues. I think I am going to spend my Saturday making cards. :)

JadedOne said...

you better! I haven't seen you make anything lately :)