Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Best Vodka In The World?

Justyn recently saw a video where Oz Clarke & James May went to Chase vodka to see how it was made and to do some tasting. He also stumbled upon an article where the same vodka was declared the best in the world. I wouldn't call myself a vodka connoisseur but I definitely drink it often enough to know what's crappy and what's decent.

Justyn ordered a couple bottles online so we stuck a bottle in the freezer to chill it. Tonight we gave it a try. Justyn didn't like it at all but once I took the first sip, I knew this stuff was good. It has less of an astringency feel than the other vodkas I've tried and it's smooth. Normally, sipping vodka straight will make me gag but this stuff doesn't do that. I can easily see why it was ranked as the world's best vodka. I also like the fact that the people who make this stuff don't take short cuts. It shows.

This vodka is pricey and will run you $45-$50 per bottle but I think it's worth it.

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Donoho said...

Might I recommend Crystal Head Vodka be added to the comparison?