Sunday, June 13, 2010

Epic Yosemite Trip!

Justyn and I just got back from the best Yosemite trip evar. We went on the trip with a great group of people from a message board we both post on. I had such a good time hanging out with everyone and finally getting to meet friends that I've known for a long time. Even though I'm thoroughly covered with mosquito bites, nursing this hangover and still feel dirty despite having just taken a shower, all of that was worth it for the company on the trip. I'm sad that the 4 day trip came to such a fast end but time really does fly when you're having fun.

The first day was spent meeting up with everyone and driving up there. We ate at a Chinese restaurant in Oakhurst.

Before we got to the campsite we stopped for some pictures at a scenic spot with the waterfall.

At the campsite we unloaded everything and sat down to rest a bit before starting a fire and getting ready for dinner.

Kris made some awesome pulled pork for dinner.

After dinner we had some shennanigans. I think the pics speak for themselves.

The next day Justyn and I walked over to The Awahnee Hotel for brunch.

When everyone got back to the camp Erik & Don broke out some canned fish. I was super excited to try the stuff but I'll never touch it again.

After some snacking some of us took a bus ride to the bottom of the waterfall.

When we got back to camp a decision needed to be made. Simpler Times or Tecate? Darrin is from Australia so we had him decide. Simpler Times was the winner!

More evening partying and craziness.

The next day some of the group went on a 9 mile hike on the Panoramic Trail. I feel bad for Justyn. He has been limping like crazy since they got back from the hike. (These pics are from Kris)

I stayed back at camp with Mel, Darrin & Rob. The guys got back super fast from the hike and I could tell they were happy to be back after having some well deserved drinks.

We had drinks down by the river....

This pic was taken by Kris.

I'm sure I'm missing a couple days somewhere in this post but oh well. That's how much fun I had on this trip.

Huuuge thanks go out to Kris (for driving especially), Mel & Don for organizing this trip. The weather was awesome, and the scenery was fantastic. You guys rock! Also huge hugs go out to Justyn, Mike, Andy, Darrin, Rob, Erik, Kevin & Nate. I’ll miss those of you who I won’t see until our next trip.

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TifosiGirl said...

Great writeup and you got some super-cute pics!! :D