Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Cooking: Quick Zha Jiang Mien

I got this recipe from runnyrunny999 on youtube ( I love his videos because they're all so candid and funny. Anyway, I've been craving this dish like crazy but the hard part is finding the right ingrediants. It wasn't the produce, meat or noodles that made me wait this long to make this recipe. It was the two bean pastes. In runny's video, he uses doubanjiang & tenbanjiang both of which I would've had to make a special trip to Marina to get. I found the spicy bean chili paste at Lucky but they didn't have sweet bean paste. Instead, I used plum sauce.

OK, so this isn't exactly authentic but it tastes good. Instead of Chinese egg noodles, I substituted shirataki noodles to make the dish healthier. The texture is a little weird but Justyn and I like that we're eating a product that's better for us than straight carbs. IIRC, it's only 40 calories a pack!

The recipe is pretty quick and easy. Plus, once you have all your prep work done, this meal only takes about 15-20 minutes to cook. I'm digging the flavors of my bastardized Zha Jiang Mien and I'll probably be making this for future weeknight meals.


thesungirl said...

As always I am left super hungry after reading your foodie blog posts.....and super inspired to be creative after your crafty posts.

I have to come up with a card for a baby shower on Saturday tonight after I come home from the movies.

I am seriously going to start earting massive amounts of shiretaki noodles now that I know they are super low fat haha.

JadedOne said...

Bri - Just use the stitching one I made a while back haha.