Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Cards Blog Challenge: Window Card

These past couple of weeks have been pretty hectic and busy for me so that's the reason I was unable to post a submission for last week's challenge. I made myself sit down and crank out a card since I missed making something. I never got around to making a window card when Kristina Werner posted her MACM on May 10th (woah.. that was nearly a month ago!). I used this week's Cards Blog Challenge as an opportunity to do so.

To date, I don't think I've made a monochromatic card and thought it'd look pretty good. I like it :) I didn't have any white brads so I used one of Kristina's old tutorials and white embossed on them. Pretty handy trick! I only had to emboss the brads twice to cover up the original color (orange, blue & purple). I am bummed that my white embossing powder isn't exactly white. Doesn't it look more like a cream color? Oh well, I bought some American Crafts embossing powder in white, so as soon as I'm done with my current stash, I'll start using that.


-Susan- said...

Jaded One...love these cards. Reminds me of when I was a little girl...a long long time ago Ü ...when I would see cards like this I would wish I could shrink myself down so I could look out the window. Nice memory to go with your lovely cards.

JadedOne said...

haha aww thanks :)

Anonymous said...

Love this white on white window card! so beautiful! :)