Friday, November 27, 2009

Wine Tasting @ Savanah-Chanelle

Timmys had invited us to Savannah Chanelle for a wine tasting and tour that he won through a silent auction. It was a private tour and we got to see their vines to how they made their wine. It was an interesting process but not much different than what we've already seen in the Napa tours. I do have to say that their 2006 Pinot Noir is amazing. I loved it so much I bought three bottles of it. It's a tiny bit tart but definitely fruity and worked well with the cold weather. I had to have seconds of it which made me warm right up.

After the tasting we went to a nearby tree farm to get our Christmas tree. Finally! I've actually never gone to a tree farm to harvest a tree so this was fun. Despite the cold and heavy drizzle, I had fun sawing down our own tree. Justyn did most of the work though. You might notice that he's chopping the tree down near to the top. That's because we wanted a small tree. We'll probably start decorating it on Sunday once the tree dries out. To warm up, Justyn heated up some tomato soup and I made some grilled cheese sammiches. Mmm...

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