Sunday, October 11, 2009

Esther's Birthday Dinner

Erik & Summer have been asking if we wanted to try Summer's sister's restaurant in Miliptas. We haven't really had the time until today. Esther's birthday happened to be today too so we took her there.

We started out with a really comforting homestyle soup made from fatty pork and carrots. Delicious and you just know sometihng like this is healthy. Then we had string beans, steamed fish, pork patty with dry preserved salty fish, fried rice, and homestyle greens (another favorite of mine). It was seriously good stuff and took me back to the time I was living at home and my mom made this kinda stuff for me. Thanks Erik & Summer! Happy birthday E-Ma. I hope you enjoyed your camera lesson and dinner heh.
Oh yeah, and here's the birthday card I made for E-Ma.

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Susan said...

Dinner looks great! (wish I lived closer to enjoy it Ü) The card is really cute. Love the colors, layout and texture! Can't wait to see what's next!