Sunday, August 9, 2009

One Day Like This

There's this song called One Day Like This by Elbow ( that I love. It's such a cute song and it describes our day yesterday. The weather was absolutely gorgeous in SF.

Erik & Summer took us to do what the locals do instead of the touristy stuff. Our first stop was dim sum at South Sea Seafood Village. Really good.

Our next stop was in Marin. We went for a downhill hike to the beach. Guess what? We had to walk back up! Ouch, yeah... I'm sore today from that, but it was nice to burn off breakfast.


To ensure our blood sugar didn't dip too low, we went to a gelato shop called Marco Polo. I finally had an opportunity to eat durian in gelato form. UGH!!! Do not ever try it. Trust me, it's as disgusting as everyone hypes it up to me. I almost threw up. I settled on Mocha Chip gelato to settle my stomach after that.

We went to Haight St after gelato and walked up and down the street. Justyn & Erik were hungry for some pizza so we stopped by a New York pizza shop for a slice.

After that we walked to a sultry but divey kinda bar. A couple drinks later, we ended up at Trax. I had no idea it was a gay bar but it was awesome!

For dinner we went to Suppenkuche which I've heard a lot about. Delicious Deutsch fare. We had a great time people watching and having some really good beer and beverage!

Big thanks to Erik & Summer for taking us around. I definitely had an awesome time with you guys!! Hope the hangover doesn't hurt too much hehe. Mine's kicking in right about now.

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