Tuesday, June 2, 2009

"Scribble This" Challenge

Hooray for Lisa Spangler's first challenge! I gotta give props to the girl since she fixed the issue so I could actually see the image and participate. At first I was a little confused with the challenge at hand, so I asked one of my camera savvy friends to help me out (thanks Selena!). I also saw Savitri's pictures which helped a bunch.

As for the card itself, eh... I think I took the white a little too far. I tried using all white because that's what I thought that was what I was supposed to do. I'm thinking about scrapping the card and redoing it but we'll leave this up until that happens.

I used transparency as a mat (sp?) for the "flowers" and the sheet itself has some white Staz-On stamped polka dots. I should've added some interest with some actual stitching or poked holes but too late now.

The pictures below were taken from my tiny craft space with my lamp and office light on. Other than that the room isn't all that bright.. ooh do you like my creepy picture?

AWB - Auto White Balance (ew)

Daylight (I skipped Cloudy cuz it looked identical)

Tungsten (Almost there...)

Florescent (Nooo!!)

Florescent (Double noooo!)

Custom (I thought I liked Tungsten better, but this turned out pretty nice.. it definitely shows off the white)


Savitri said...

Very pretty card and yes, between the Tungsten and custom are both nice.

Godelieve said...

Great experiment!
Your card looks great, especially with the custom white balance setting.

Dotty said...

Cute card and the custom white balance setting really made the white bright.

Winter said...

Cute card! Love the final one, it really shows the detail!