Tuesday, May 26, 2009

KWerner's Color Inspiration # 53

Oh Em Gee... this challenge was really hard.. probably the hardest one to date. Who knew primary colors could be so difficult to work with? I even started out with one card and ditched it. Then when I started the second card, I hated it so I went back to the first one. I'm quite happy with how they both turned out but we'll let Kristina be the judge of that.

Note to Kristina: Clear doesn't count as a color does it? ;)

I think I lost a couple patches of hair because of them heh.


Winter said...

Oh, cute cards! Great job!

Christine Blain said...

These are great! Love the clean lines of the circle cards, and LOVE the crumpled flowers.

Savitri said...

Super super cute!!!!

craftlovin' said...

I got dibs on the flower card!