Saturday, May 23, 2009

Cousin Get Together

Today my cousin and I planned a cousin get together to catch up with family which we hadn't seen in a while. It was a bit stressful only because we had a meeting locale at Lake Almaden but somehow ended up at Lake Cunningham (Raging Waters). I'm not going to say how that happened, but let's just say that it took some effort to relocate everyone. Argh, just talking about it stresses me out heh.
We set up anyway...

We started BBQing up everything. I made this marinated chicken which turned out really good. The sugar and garlic made it awesome. Recipe: It honestly is a really good recipe. I let the chicken marinade overnight and more which made the chicken really tender from the acid in the marinade.

I also brought some burgers and some pasta salad which was meh. Althought I have to say I didn't quite follow the recipe. I won't post it out of respect for the person I got it from.

Justyn grilled up all the food and we just had a buncha fun. It was really cool connecting with some relatives that I didn't know I had and also ones I hadn't seen in a while. Good times!

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