Thursday, April 23, 2009

Kate Spade Contents

A while back I posted about how Justyn bought me the purse that I've been dying to have by Kate Spade. I mean.. how could you not love it? It's just my kinda purse. So imagine my suprise when I see The Scoop (Orange Beautiful: posting the contents of her Kate Spade bag. Yay! I get to make another gratuitous post about mine now :) The innards of my purse aren't as pretty as hers but whatever.. I have a matching wallet heh..

Dammit.. what a crappy picture. Oh well, you get the point.

As an update, I really haven't been creating or cooking anything! Something about the weather just makes me wanna be totally lazy. Can you really blame me? This week we had a heatwave which was a nice change of pace from the cold. Anyway... I'm gonna continue being lazy until some kind of inspiration hits me. Actually... I might be making something pork related thanks to Eat Drink n Be Merry's blog ( Doesn't that look good?? I'm especially interested in the pork belly topped with a CUTE (yeah I said it EDBM :)) quail's egg.

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