Saturday, March 28, 2009

Weeding Sucks!

Justyn and I are gonna redo the back patio. It's filled with ugly 70s style rocks, weeds and all around just plain old OLD. Today I pulled out half the weeds while Justyn started shoveling rocks. Total back breaking work I tell you. At least we're getting a workout though right?


I plan on replacing the rocks with tiny, smooth, gray pebbles and planting some herbs in some planter boxes. Other than that I haven't exactly figured out what else I'm gonna do with it but I hope in the end it turns out modern and pretty!


machete said...

Mexican day laborers...seriously...hahaha you'll thank me when your back ain't hurtin'. :D

JadedOne said...

I'll hire you to do it. $20 and lunch haha.