Thursday, March 19, 2009

Leyla's Housewarming Party - Take 2

Yay! I finally got my camera back and now I can start posting again! OK, I'm super excited to have my camera back because I can take pictures of food and my craft shiz too besides sharing pictures with you guys.

Leyla and her roommate decided to have another housewarming party to get rid of all the booze she had at the first party. Hey.. what better way than to get rid of it through partying? Anyway, she requested buffalo chicken dip but I never got around to making it for the first housewarming party. So, I made it for this time around.

Someone brought a pie. What kind you ask? PORK. That is epic! I love the little piggy on the pie.

MORE jello shots!

It was someone's birthday. Someone actually made a rock climbing cake. Pretty neato. They were trying to figure out how to cut it...

Time to grill up some meaty goodness.

The aftermath of the cake..

And then we partied the night away. The first picture is one of my favorite. It kinda sums up the whole night quite nicely heh..

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