Monday, January 12, 2009

Crafty Stuff & Dinner with Ema

After work, I had some time to kill before I had lunch with Ema (pronounced "ee-mah".. inside joke thingy). I went to the store to get some pictures printed for some scrapbooking later on and then to a craft store to do some shopping. I ended up getting a couple Cosmo Cricket pattern papers, Staz-On white ink pad for Ema, some transparency sheets & some pink tulle. Totally random items but I needed them for several different projects in the works.

I found this really cute card that someone made for the stamp display at the craft store. I love how the four squares have three of their corners rounded and then meet in the middle with a sharp edge. It's so creative!

After shopping, I had successfully killed enough time so I drove over to the restaurant to meet Ema. We ordered, talked and ate. I ordered the ja jeung mien and she had champoong (spicy seafood noodle soup). We also had some potstickers which were deep fried for some reason (wtf?). It was pretty good although my noodles were lacking salt so I added some soy sauce which made it much better. Looks good huh?

Here's the card she made me. Isn't it cute? Although, she didn't think so, so she took it back so she could make the changes she wanted to it.
After dinner we went to a nearby "fro-yo" place for dessert. I was kinda stuffed but I found a little room in my tummy for the chocolate icecream and waffle. Here are the before and after pictures. We totally destroyed the plate heh..

When I got home, I unwrapped my birthday present from Ema which was the Cropper Hopper organizer for cardstock. I've been wanting this thing for the longest time but never got around to ordering it. This rocks! I quickly took it out of the box and started organizing my papers first by designer, random patterned paper and then regular colored cardstock. I love it! Thanks Ema :D This is a much better alternative than storing my paper in the plastic bag they came in.

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