Sunday, September 21, 2008

Poker & Rafting w/ Frogs

Angel's brother and his best friend flew in from France to visit for the summer so we had a couple weekends devoted to playing poker, me cooking dinner for them and rafting on the American river before they left.

We started off the first Saturday by having them come over for video games, dinner and poker. Here's them just goofing off.

I cooked my famous aZn glazed salmon for them. We ate in the patio area since it was such a gorgeous summer day. I also made some Chinese broccoli drizzled with oyster sauce, sesame seed oil and a sprinkling of black and white sesame seeds.

After dinner we sat around and talked.

After that, we had a couple games of poker.

The weekend after that was rafting. It was a little chilly for summer, but I knew it would warm up to be perfect. Here's us getting our stuff together and carrying the raft down to the shore.

We pushed off of the shore and we were on our way down the river. The water was so clear and perfect!

Eventually lunch rolled around and we stopped off at another beach to have lunch. Rafael was a huge dork. He pulled his shorts up to imitate an old man look. Tori (Ashley's best friend) and Ashley (Angel's daughter) found a busted inflatable raft. They took some tape and fixed it up.

Then we were back on the water for more swimming and sun.

We stopped at another shore...

And finally reached Duck Island where you can get on top of it and jump off into the water. Rafael and I raced a bit (I won tee hee).

We were towards the end of the river trip...

So we went to dinner afterwards in Old Downtown Sacramento.

It was an awesome time and I wish the Frogs (Rafael & Macaroni) could stay longer so we could show them more stuff but.. oh well. I hope they had as much fun as I did.

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