Sunday, September 21, 2008

Justyn's 30th Birthday Shennanigans

Justyn finally turned 30 on the 18th so I cooked a breakfast of eggs, grits and bacon on Saturday morning. I didn't feel like eating grits so I made a breffus sammich of bacon and eggs.
Justyn wanted to go go karting for his birthday, so I organized it and invited a bunch of our friends. Here's us gearing up and into our carts.

We did a qualifying session before getting into actual racing. Here's a picture of racing and a video.

Here are the rankings:
1) Stefano
2) corpsegrinder
3) Justyn

I don't remember the rest of the places but I know I got 7th out of 8 places. Ah well, it was fun! Our arms were super tired afterwards, so we went to Taqueria Las Vegas in Milpitas for some carne asada fries.
After that we went to Ken's house for a little gathering. He recently turned his garage into a bar.

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