Sunday, April 13, 2008

Finally! New Camera and Party Pics

I finally got my new camera (SD1000) from The best thing about this camera so far is that it only cost me $156.08 + free shipping. I still have to play around with the settings to get pictures the come out the way I want, but here's a comparison shot of some BBQ pork pastries that I made a couple weeks ago, and some I made yesterday morning.

We arrived at Jason's house to meet everyone up for Golfland. People had already started drinking, but I wanted to take it easy so I wouldn't pass out before everyone else hehe. Golfland was fun although it was a bit too warm outside. I'll post up some pictures from Golfland later. I didn't bring my camera there.

When we got back to Jason's house, the debaucheries began. Well not quite. Me, and a couple others helped Jason prep ingrediants for his falafels. He had a huge pot of lamb stewing away. It smelled divine. I still need to get that recipe from him. He also had some ground beef, cucumber tzaziki sauce, fennel and some other fixins going. For starters, he also made hummus with veggies and pita bread.

Oh yeah, and he also had this bacon brittle he made. Suprisingly, it works. Actually, I wasn't very suprised that it worked because people always mop up leftover maple syrup with their bacon. At least, I do that.

I had put out my BBQ pork pastries so that everyone could try ONE piece. Yeah, that didn't go so well. People who ate one piece kept on going back for more and those that didn't get to try one, lost out. I received tons of compliments for these puppies so that made me feel good :) Thanks again to Tigerfish for the recipe!

Dinner was finally ready and everyone was starving. It was served buffet style and the line was long but well worth the wait. I sampled some of the lamb bones that had been stewing for several hours and they were really unctuous. The falafels were really good too albeit a little crumbly. I went back for seconds mmm.... (OK, to be honest, this isn't the most flattering picture of the food, but that's the only picture I had of the food plated.)

My sister came by with my nephew Oscar. I had forgot to bring Oscar's present (a puppy towel from but it was good to see them.

Justyn and I were tired from being in the sun for most of the day so we left around 10:30pm. Thanks to Jason and Dave for having us over again! Their parties are always so much fun, but being old timers, we can't party as much as we used to hehe. Here are just some random pics throughout the weekend. Oh yeah and if some of the pictures look weird, it's because I took them upside down hehe. I got bored at work and uploaded them one at a time. Ugh...

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