Thursday, March 13, 2008

Cooking: Zite with Onions, Sausage & Fennel

OK, go ahead. Call me a copycat.

I'm a regular visitor at I love his colorful posts, stories and write ups. And now that Adam has gotten famous on the Food Network, a lesser more amateur must take his place right? OK, maybe not. Anyway, I saw his post on this particular recipe and it immediatly caught my eye. Who doesn't like pasta with sausage, onion and fennel? It sounds so easy too. I had to honor the title of the recipe which should say "ziti" instead of "zite" too. Haha... I'm not even sure if it should be "zite" or not. It sure looked funny though.

I went to Lucky to pick up my ingrediants which were onion, fennel, sausage and tomato paste. I actually forgot to get the cheese, so Justyn picked some up for me while he was out getting his new truck washed. Can you spot the flat panda? :)

I started out by boiling water for the pasta.

Then I browned off the sausage.

I pushed the sausage to the side and added my onions.

I made an "uh-oh" here. I had drained off almost all the water from the cooked pasta which I needed to make the sauce, so I just used a glass full of water after I added the fennel, chili flakes and tomato paste. I also added some garlic which was not part of the original recipe.

I added the sauce to the pot of pasta and mixed that all around.

Add the rough chopped fennel fronds and mix more.

Top with grated parmesan romano and dinner's ready!

Absolutely perfectly easy for a week night dinner, not to mention delicious! Justyn ate two bowls of it.

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