Friday, January 25, 2008

Thai Chicken Noodle Soup

Courtesy of ( this recipe made me seriously drool. I didn't feel like going to the Asian supermarket to get forbidden rice, so instead I used rice noodles. Besides, with rainy cold weather like this, you can't go wrong with chicken noodle soup right? And why not put a Thai twist on it? This recipe is almost fool proof.

First, the ingrediants.

Here's where I deviated from the recipe. It called for 2 cups of low sodium chicken stock, but instead, I added a full big box of the broth. I also added more red curry paste. One can of coconut went in and you just stir it together until it comes up to a simmer.

Add bone-in chicken breasts (I used 3 instead of 2), the white parts of the green onion, can of diced tomatoes & finely diced red bell pepper. This comes to a simmer again for about 25-30 minutes.

I took the chicken breasts out after they were fully cooked, chopped up the meat and added it back to the pot with the rice noodles. That simmers for another 10 minutes or until the noodles were done. Then you sprinkle in the basil, green parts on the scallion and a little fish sauce.

Final product. Yum. It was so easy that I'll definitely make this again especially with this weather. Although, next time I would add some Srirachi to make it spicier.

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