Tuesday, October 30, 2007

PF Chang's & Earthquake

Alright, again I don't have pictures of food but who wants to look at PF Chang food (I can't even call it food porn). We went to PF Chang's (not my choice) tonight for dinner and ordered the Oriental Chicken Salad, Orange Peel Chicken (how does that even sound appetizing?) & Vegetable Curry. The waiter came by and asked what we wanted to drink. I had a Diet Coke and Justyn ordered some green tea. The waiter said "We offer organic or tropical." *screeeching noise* Hold on. Since when does green tea come tropical? OK, I know full well that PF Chang's is not an authentic Chinese restaurant so I'll let that slide.

The waiter stopped by to drop off the sauces. Hot chili paste, soy sauce, hot Chinese mustard, chili oil, and white vinegar. The next thing he did was explain each of those sauces and their flavor components. OK *screeeeeech noise* What?! He said "soy sauce is the equivalent of salt and chili oil is like Chinese pepper" OMG. Do I really need someone to tell me what is what? I think I know just based on my appearance. If I don't look exactly like a Chinese person, I sure as hell look Asian. I'm not going to give the waiter anymore crap because corporate HQ or policy probably mandates what the waiter says and does regardless of who the customer is. I just thought it was pretty funny. Justyn says that he probably knew what everything already was and probably felt stupid for having to do so.

My salad was extremely bland so I used "salt" & vinegar to make it taste better. The only things I appreciated in the salad was the nice frisse and cucumber to offer differing textures. The beef was lightly battered and deep fried to the point of jerky. I'm not sure if that was intentional or not, but it was sure hard to eat. As for the vegetable curry? I have no complaints. It had broccoli, carrots (blech), snap peas, mushrooms, peanuts & the tofu. The tofu was deep fried, but extremely mushy in the middle. I suspect they didn't know to buy the extra firm stuff so it would hold up. The curry sauce was decent though. I wouldn't mind having it again.

So there's my rant about PF Chang's and I agree with Justyn when I say if you eat there and like it, you don't know any better. And hey, that's OK because everyone's entitled to their own opinions.

In other news, we just got hit with a pretty hard earthquake (5.6). I was sitting in my living room watching Beauty & the Geek while Justyn was in the garage working. All of the sudden, I feel the couch shaking and the first thing I think of us getting up and running. Then it hits a little harder and I yell for Justyn. He doesn't respond and I immediately remember that he's in the garage. I run into the bedroom and open the garage door. I almost tackle Justyn to the ground hugging him because I was so scared. He led me to the front steps of our place in case an aftershock followed. Luckily *cross my fingers* one hasn't hit yet. My hands and knees were literally shaking for a good 20 minutes. What a night!

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Helmi said...

I've never been PF Chang's, and from the sound of it I have a feeling this will continue to be the status for many years to come