Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Halloween Shennanigans

On Saturday we went to Jason's house for a Halloween party. It started at 1:00pm, but Justyn had some stuff to do during the day so we weren't able to make it until about 7:00pm. It was a really good time.. I know I had a lot of fun. Here are some pictures rather than try to detail what we did. I don't know what it is, but I have a knack for knocking people's drinks and making them spill. I accidentally got some red wine on their carpet, but luckily they had some Resolve on hand which made clean up a whole lot easier (the pic where I'm on my knees helping Angel wipe it up)

Oh yeah and in the picture where I'm drinking Cutty Shark (Shit), I'm pretending to stir around some chicken curry that Jason made. It was really spicy! He also made some beans which were out of this world. I just had to post that to make it somewhat food related right? I haven't been cooking lately hence the lack of cooking posts. It's this low carb dinner thing. I started eating low carb for dinner so I haven't been making what I really want to eat! I promise I'll post up some food posts sometime this week.

Thanks for inviting us Jason! We had a great time despite.. you know haha. Thanks to Helmi for the pictures. I'll have more to post as soon as my sister emails them to me.


Helmi said...

neat idea blogging on your adventures with different foods. tell me, from the places you've been to so far, do you have a favorite Japanese restaurant? that's kinda like my favorite dish

JadedOne said...

zomghi2u Helmi :D

I have two favorite Japanese restaurants.

1) Kitsho in Cupertino - expensive but oh so worth it. The sushi chef/owner will drink with you and make stuff that isn't on the menu.

2) Hanamaru in Sunnyvale - cheap and good. They have different kinds of sushi rolls, service is excellent and well it's good sushi heh.

If you want a more detailed look at what restaurants I've been to, go to my yelp.com profile:


Angel said...

yup that was fun!!!
I have to agree that the beans were really really good!!!
It was nice meeting new people too ;)
You were an awesome pirate btw...

JadedOne said...

Angel - I was an awesome drunken pirate except for the last part where I don't remember hehe. Thanks for taking care of me :)

Angel said...

you know I love you!!!