Friday, September 28, 2007

Cravings for Bun Bo Hue Adventures+ Review: Gunther's German Restaurant

I had a massive craving for Bun Bo Hue thanks to Oishii Eats & Wandering Chopsticks so on Tuesday night, I told Justyn that I wanted to go to Bun Bo Hue An Nam (recommended by Wandering Chopsticks). He actually said "OK"! The one time he tried this dish, was at Pho Vy, which wasn't very good so I think he might've blacklisted it. I had warned him that the drive there would not be a pleasant one based on my past experience. From my house, Mapquest tells you to make a left on Senter Ave. and turn right on Story Rd. Well, the unfortunate thing is that Senter Ave. is extremely ghetto and both the road and traffic are crap. Even worse, you have to drive all the way down it to get to Story Rd. Half way down Senter Ave., Justyn says "Wow, you weren't kidding about this being an unpleasant drive."

Finally we made the right turn down Story Rd. and into the parking lot where Bun Bo Hue An Nam is. Guess what? They're CLOSED on Tuesdays!! All that driving for nothing. Next door was Pho Ga An Nam so I suggested we go there. We sat down and waited. And waited. We knew what we both wanted but nobody came to take our order. Even after I made eye contact with the waitress letting her know we were ready. Justyn was hungry and a bit cranky from the drive, so he decided that we should leave and go somewhere else for dinner.

We drove around some more and ended up in Willow Glen. I really wanted to go to Tomato Thyme, but he said that we'd be going there later in the week with a friend. Then a light bulb went off. He suggested we go to Gunther's German Restaurant. Sure, I'm down with German food. The last time I had this type of cuisine was back in high school with my Deutsch class. I loved Deutsch eats the first time I had it so why not?

We pulled into a tiny parking lot where Gunther's was located and parked. The restaurant looked dineresque which put me off a bit. (I don't really like diner food) We went inside and found a bunch of premade food staying barely warm in metal containers. Much like what you would find at a Chinese takeout place. OK so far, not so good.

I ordered the BBQ lambshank with side salad and mashed potatoes. Justyn ordered the stuffed cabbage with the same sides as me. The meal also came with a drink and bread.

They ended up having to microwave our plates, but at this point I didn't really care. I was hungry dammit! Here are the zapped dishes.

I found the salad to be drowned in ranch dressing and a couple lettuce leaves rotting which was pretty gross, but the lamb shank was good albeit the sauce was a little too sweet. Justyn's stuffed cabbage was well, stuffed cabbage with meat. The sauce again, was a little too strong but it kinda complimented the bland mashed potatoes even though it came with its own gravy.

This place was alright at best. I was disappointed that they didn't have that sour potato salad like I had in San Francisco. If you want rich food, this is the place to come. Just don't order the salad!


tigerfish said...

Who would have that a restaurant would closed on Tuesday??? It's usually Sunday, or Monday or Wednesday.

JadedOne said...

TigerFish - I know! Tuesday is so random. At least now I know though :)

Wandering Chopsticks said...

Haha! Someone else I know was complaining about Tuesday closures. Don't you guys call to check before heading out for a long drive? I don't mind if it's nearby, but if a restaurant is a ways away, I check first. Go back! You know after your take-out meal that it'll be worth it. :)

JadedOne said...

WC - Yeah I really should've checked before leaving but we were hungry. After we got home from work, we dumped off our stuff at home and then left. Now we know though.. and you know what we say. KNOWING'S HALF THE BATTLE! haha