Monday, July 9, 2007

Sloshballing Fun

Sloshball is a game where you basically drink and play sloshball. I helped host one of these events on Saturday for BARF and bought all the groceries so we could grill up some hamburgers and hot dogs. It was a really nice day starting off a bit chilly but heated up to the 80s by the afternoon. I practiced hitting a few balls during warm up but after that I was focusing most of my attention to the food making sure everything was getting cooked. Justyn helped grill most of the time since I'm lacking in that skill. It was a really nice time and I think everyone had fun. One of the couples there brought their doggy which was eventually strapped to a tree. Where there are trees is where all the shade was. Donoho sat in one of the fold up chairs under the tree and the dog ended up almost clothes lining him so he had to duck and inadvertantly fell over. Hilarious stuff... The dog also had a taste for beer which I thought was cute.

Group Photo

Doggie Beering it Up

Falling Down

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