Thursday, July 19, 2007

Review: I dunno?!

Here's an interesting lunch spot. It's in somewhat of a ghetto strip mall and of the two times we've walked by this place, it was packed. I mean, we got there at 11:30am and after we ordered, there were already 4-5 people in line. I actually ran into a coworker and she said this place was pretty good. I was skeptical as always.. This restaurant serves South Indian cuisine which I expected to have curry, naan and all the usual fixings. Not so, as you'll see from the pictures.

I still have no idea what we ordered, but we got what the cashier recommended. Yes, there's no real waiter service at this place. You just place your order at the cashier and they bring you food. So we sat down after ordering at a table where no silverware was to be found. What do you eat with then? Well, first you can use your hands, but besides that what is there? Plastic forks, spoons and knives. I told you this place was ghetto.

We didn't wait long for our food. In fact, we ordered an appetizer which looked like this:

Deep fried goodness, but I still have no idea what it was. I believe that it was made from rice flour and some other ingrediants. Nestled inside this donut looking item were some chopped up jalapeno. At least, that's what I think it is. I'm hoping Meena from hookedonheat can shed some light on what we had for lunch. Anyway, along with these donuts were three different dipping sauces. The orange one had a slightly sweet and spicy flavor. The two other green ones were spicy. It was good and not overpowering. Well, if you eat too much of it, it can be.

The entrees arrived soon after we finished our appetizers. When the first one arrived I was amazed at how huge it looked. A hollow tube with a scoop of whatever filling we had ordered. One of veggie and the other was masala? I don't know... The masala one had something that resembled curried potatoes with these round black dots speckled throughout. Our tubes came with a small bowl of soup which I didn't care for. It was slightly sweet and had an almost cardamommy flavor to it.

I thorougly enjoyed the food. It was interesting to look at, taste and smell. The tubes had a delicate onion flavor in the background and with the innards placed on top of a small bit of shell paired very well the sauces. I could only finish half so Justyn finished everything else. By the end of the meal his mouth was on fire but he said it was worth it.

The aftermath

Since I don't remember what the restaurant's name is, I started yahooing so I could tell you guys where it is. I found another restaurant that serves what we had for lunch and apparently what we had was called dosas. However, I can't find the restaurant's name so if I drive by it again, I'll make a note of it and edit this post.


Kelly Mahoney said...

That appetizer looks like giant hush puppies. Delicious.

JadedOne said...

KM - Yeah.. that's kinda what they tasted like too but instead of cornmeal batter it's with rice flour I think.. :)

Wandering Chopsticks said...

It looks like deformed doughnuts. :P Dosas are yummy.

Nice review. I dunno what it's called or what I ate. ;)

tigerfish said...

Where is this place ? Spice Hut?

JadedOne said...

TG - It's off El Camino. If you go straight on 237 West to El Camino, it's on the left side with Pho Quyen, Chinese Moon and a fast food joint.