Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Review: Tanpopo Ramen

Frankie organized a ramen meet in San Francisco where they lived. I live in San Jose so it was quite a far trek for me to make out there. Was it worth it? Oh hell yeah. I got lost due to a combination of mapquest and my lack of direction, but thanks to my friend I made it.

Now, I've been to Japantown, but mostly in the mall for food. I never really ventured outside to explore. When we walked into Tanpopo it smelled like mint toothpicks. Weird...

Anyway, they had a bar where people could sit and watch those crazy Japanese variety shows. Our group sat at the back booth which was big enough to seat all four of us. People were starving by the time I got there so we ordered immediately. I perused the menu only to find that they did not have a tonkatsu ramen which I've been waiting to try. Instead, I tried their Ankake ramen. The couple that organized the meet both ordered wonton ramen and I don't remember what the other two people ordered.

Our drinks and bowls of steamy goodness arrived shortly and before everyone could dive in, I had to take pictures of everything. Now mind you, they're all starving and I arrived late so they weren't happy about me taking pictures but I got them anyway. The next ten minutes was silent. Nobody talked because they were all enjoying their lunches. When my ramen arrived it was weird. Soup on the bottom and gravy on top. It wasn't what I expected, and I was giving major envy eye to my friend on the right. Hers looked amazing. Mine looked like poop.

Everything was still very good and I can easily see why the couple chose this place. I'm glad I made it out to try some yummy ramen.

PS - I still think Ryowa Ramen is better. Tee hee!


Frank said...

"The couple". You make us sound like faggots!

tigerfish said...

I vote for Ramen Halu!! Have you tried that ?

JadedOne said...

Frankie - You guys are a couple of huge faggot tree hugging hippy faggots. Lulz!

Tigerfish - I've been there a couple times. The first time I went their broth was the best! Little droplets of fat floating ontop of the broth mmm.. lip smacking goodness. The second time we went, the broth wasn't as good. I do like both Ryowa and Halu though :)

Wandering Chopsticks said...

Which one's yours? They all look good to me.

I remember my first visit to Japantown, my friend took me to that floating sushi place. I thought it was the coolest thing. That was a long, long time ago. :P

JadedOne said...

WC - Mine's the third picture.

What is floating sushi?! I'm curious :)

frank the faggot said...

Floating sushi = sushi boats, dude. The one in J-town is called Isobune, it's pretty good but on the pricy side.