Thursday, June 28, 2007

Review: Sakura Sushi

I was really craving some sushi today at a placed called Sushimaru in Sunnyvale's Town and Country center. Upon arrival, we find that it has moved to Milpitas. What?! Why??? *me making crying noises* Yeah, it looks like Town & Country is being demolished to make room for a Santana Row'esque shopping center. Laaame. Not only will Sushimaru no longer be close to work, Thai Basil, Bamboo Garden... a lot of my favorite lunch spots. *sigh* What gives?

Anyway, instead of going to Sushimaru like we'd planned, we walked over to Tsunami Grill and Rokko Fine Japanese Cuisine. I didn't feel like going to either because what I really wanted was sushi. So we walked to Murphy St. and found Sakura Sushi. An unassuming little quaint restaurant was calling to me. Was I happy? Well, here's what we ordered. Sex with a Shark (I'll explain in a bit), Saba Shio (broiled makeral), and tempura and saba bento.

When we opened the menu to see what to get, Justyn immediately pointed out a roll called Sex with a Shark. WTF? It doesn't have shark in it so how's the sex getting in there? I guess because it had some sorta fish (I don't remember what kind) and spicy red rooster (Srirachi) sauce, that made it "sex". OK.. How'd it taste? Gooooood. I loved it! The fish was fresh and the spicy sauce complimented it well. It killed the fresh flavor of the fish a little bit, but it worked. There was also a sweet gravy like stuff on it too which was a little on the overkill side but whatever. Justyn said he liked it, but wouldn't order it again.

We finished up the sushi and waited for our entrees. They arrived and I was happy. It smelled good, it looked good and... tasted good! The saba upon first bite was buttery almost melting in my mouth! Perfectly seasoned. I didn't touch much of my rice because I was half full from the sushi but I ate all of the seaweed salad that came along side of the fish. There was also something that resembled a jalapeno popper. In fact, the menu had stated that they serve them as appetizers. Instead of having gooey nacho cheese in the center it had imitation crab meat which was coated with tempura batter and fried. I thought it was OK, but certainly not something I could eat again and again.

I was expecting to be disappointed with this place, but it really was tasty and pleasing on the eye. It's no Sushimaru, but I'd gladly accept this place as a replacement. I'm not going to Milpitas to wait amongst huge hungry crowds of aZns for my Japanese food fix.

Sakura Sushi
173 S Murphy Ave.
Sunnyvale, CA 94086


tigerfish said...

What? What? Sushimaru has moved?!
Thai Basil and Bamboo Garden have closed too? Oh I better have my "last" meals in Thai Basil and Bamboo Garden, before they "disappear" for good. :(

JadedOne said...

Sushimaru has moved, but not Thai Basil & Bamboo Garden yet. I know!! I'm so gonna miss the restaurants.