Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Review: Chef Lui Re-Do

Hehe that rhymes. Anyway, from the last time I posted about Chef Lui's, we've been there a total of 3 times. Each time we go to this restaurant, we order something different, but since we had been there before, I never bothered to take pictures or do another review. Until now.

Instead of getting a nice steamy bowl of noodles, Justyn and I got two main dishes (Seafood medley with crispy tofu in a nice gravy and chicken with walnuts - like walnut prawns). Along with some rice I ordered a scallion pancake. It was $1.95 so I expected it to be small and appetizer like. OK no.... this thing was huge! In total it yielded six slices of which I was only able to eat one. Justyn had two and we still had a lot left.

The seafood was alright. I expected more flavor from a dish that looked like this. But it was still tasty.

The chicken with walnuts was good, but I like it with prawns better.

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