Monday, June 18, 2007

Birthday Party: Ken, Will & James

Happy birthday guys!
On Saturday, Ken invited Justyn and I to celebrate his birthday along with Will & James which are his friends. It was held at Taryn's mammy's cute house. I arrived around 2:00pm, my sister having me dropped off after our manicure/pedicure. Justyn stayed home making his yummy chicken wings which were slow cooked with mustard, soy sauce, and brown sugar. I was skeptical of this recipe since it was so simple (I like doing recipes that are challenging), but when I tasted it after he got to the party I was blown away. Damn... they were good! He also brought me some Diet Coke and vodka to create my favorite drink called the Skinny Bitch. Oh yeah, this was gonna be a good party.

At first the only people I knew there was Ken, Armen, Taryn, Will and couple other people, but after the libations started flowing I felt like I'd known this group for years. They're a good bunch and very rowdy as you'll see from the pictures. Wait, the pictures probably won't do them justice. Ah.. whatever. One memorable memory was when the guy in the first picture below mooned everyone from the bathroom window. That was the whitest ass I'd ever seen and I regret looking. Jesus....
Chicken, sausages and meats were BBQed and drinks were being consumed. Taryn's mammy has a pool in the backyard which we took full advantage of. I remember racing Taryn in the pool and bonking my head pretty hard cuz I didn't have goggles on. No wait, I did have goggles on but they were of the booze variety.

After everyone was good and full, Taryn brought out a pinata and a couple guys helped string it onto the three. Neighborhood kids came by to see what the commotion was and realized that there was free candy to be had. I'm surprised we didn't get mobbed by candy hungry kids! I believe James took the first swing. Unfortunately, they weren't blind folded and the pinata came down in one hard swing. They had to reattach the pinata so that Will could take a whack at it. Candy spilled onto the ground and both kids and "adults" alike fell to the ground to grab as much candy as they could.

I found this picture especially funny. The look on the kid's face is priceless. And if you look at the girl's tanktop it looks like it says "Stone" or something.

Later on Mel & Kevin arrived, I haven't seen them in a very long time! Mel was spunky as ever and Kevin was hilarious. I remember Mel telling me that he was a boxer so I started punching him in the arms. That was funny... but you kinda had to be there.

Soon after that, Linda and Donoho came to join in the festivities. You can see Donoho's moto jacket in the background of the second picture.

Here comes the cake and doggie wants some!

Why are his hands tied with a shirt? I think he might've gotten dunked in the pool...

Winding down

As an indicator of how crazy and fun the night was, I left my purse at the house. *sigh*
Disclaimer: I was pretty sauced by the time the night was over, so if I get things wrong, I apologize. Tee hee!

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