Monday, April 23, 2007

Review: Flavors Indian Cuisine

On Friday we went to Flavors Indian Restaurant which Justyn and I found on It seemed promising since it got pretty good reviews. So we got on 237 to 85 and got off on El Camino. It's fairly close to the exit on the right side. In an unassuming tiny parking lot is where Flavors Restaurant is. We had been wanting to try this place for a while, but they open at 11:30am, so every time we drive by it at 11:00am, it's closed.

The interior of the restaurant is almost like it's trying to be upscale.. except it's not. The lunch buffet was suprisingly small selection wise. Compared to Grand Indian Buffet off Lawrence which has tons of different curries, fried veggies, rice and even noodles, Flavors only has about 15 different items including dessert and salad. This had me worried, but I put my faith into Yelpers that had reviewed the place.

Flavor wise it was good. Waaay better than Grand Indian Buffet which had a tendency to have their dishes taste the same. With Flavors' curries you could taste almost every single ingrediant that was used. The dishes had a slight but pleasant heat background. Flavors definitely deserves the good reviews on I didn't feel like taking a lot of pictures of each dish there, so you guys only get to see my plate.

Chicken Briyiani (sp?), egg curry, chicken curry, some kinda spicy slightly sour soup, lamb curry, some fried potato thingy, & tandoori naan (I dunno why it's called tandoori naan).
Flavors Indian Cuisine
867 E El Camino Real
Mountain View, CA 94040


tigerfish said...

Have you tried Banjara or Turmeric?
How does all these compare ? ;p

JadedOne said...

I haven't tried either of those. We were actually going to go to Tumeric last week, but my hubby didn't feel like going cuz of the price. If I ever go, I'll do a comparison post for ya :)