Monday, February 26, 2007

Authentic Cous Cous

Saturday around 4:00PM we left to go to Angel's house for dinner, drinks & chit chat. I was excited because she was gonna show Justyn and I how to make cous cous the way her mom did it. The numerous amount of steps were a bit overwhelming, but in the end it was worth it. The cous cous was almost sweet in flavor from the butter and the meat was tender falling apart. The vegetables were boiled with the meat and added a lot of flavor to the sauce. It was on the underseasoned side for me, but Angel explained that she likes for her guests to season their own food since she likes things on the extra salty side. Justyn helped her fry up some jalapenos and she used some of the cooking liquid from the beef & veggies to make a sauce out of habaneros (eek!). It was a really authentic and tasty meal and soon after we ate, I passed out from food coma and drinks. The night was super relaxed and chill and I enjoyed myself.

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Agdah said...

That is sooooo beautiful and seems to be delicious. Did you happen to write down the recipe???