Sunday, September 19, 2010

Happy Birthday Justyn!

This weekend we went to Napa with Erik, Imelda, Dave, Dave, Mat & Janice to celebrate Justyn's birthday. The weather was beautiful, the food was lovely and the company was even better. I couldn't have asked for a better trip.

We started out by driving to Napa on Friday and going straight to Castello di Amorosa which is a castle winery.

After the castle we went to Buster Burke's for lunch/dinner. Everyone was amazed that the habanero BBQ sauce they had was actually spicy. My tongue was burning for a good 20 minutes after trying a small bite of it.

In the evening we took advantage of the hot tub and since Justyn doesn't particularly enjoy water, he went next door to play some Texas Hold Em.

The next morning we went to Hwy 29 Cafe which is about 5 minutes from the Gaia hotel where we stayed.

Shortly after breakfast, we were picked up by our driver, Toby. We started out at V.Sattui which was already very crowded but we were finally able to taste some of their wines.

After V. Sattui we went to a much quieter and tranquil winery called Sullivan. I was pleased to see that the owner was there to greet us and led us through the tasting. He had to run off and tend to some wines so he had one of the employees finish the tasting. These wines were absolutely amazing and Justyn quickly decided to buy a couple bottles. The property itself was very pretty too.

Alpha Omega was next on the list. Toby reserved a table for us on the terrace which made it possible for us to enjoy the tasting and weather at the same time.

At this point I was feeling really tipsy so I don't even remember what winery we went to after Alpha Omega but this place also had a beautiful propery with bocce ball courts as well. The group went in for a tasting and apparently I was not invited inside due to me being inxoicated so I played bocce ball outside with Toby while we waited for everyone to finish up.

For dinner we went to Bistro Jeanty and had a very memorable meal. We started with escargot and roasted bone marrow on toast points. For our entrees we ordered a creamy mushroom risotto, beef bourginon, pork and one other dish that was out of this world. For dessert we ordered bread pudding and rice pudding one of which had a candle lit to celebrate Justyn's birthday. It's no wonder that Bistro Jeanty is my number one absolute favorite restaurant. Everything was so delish!

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