Saturday, August 14, 2010

Eugeapalooza in SF

One of my earliest food friends, Kevyn, tagged me in a note on Facebook about Eugeapalooza which was basically an event for food carts to battle it out to raise awareness for the San Francisco Food Bank. We arrived there way earlier than anticipated so we walked around Lake Merced while they were getting set up.

By the time we finished with our walk, most of the food was ready.
Naturally the first cart we went to was Kev's. He made Chicken Tikka Masala w/ Raita. The sauce had a lot of flavor and the cooling raita was nice. He even brought his son to help serve. Super cute :)

The second cart we hit was called Meat-Cheese-Bacon. He grilled up corndogs which was outside the norm of deep frying them. Later on, I noticed that he was grilling up some sliders but we didn't get a chance to try them.

I don't remember the order in which we tried the rest of the carts but here are the pictures. Everything was super delish. I kept telling Justyn "No, THIS is my new favorite!" everytime we tried something new.

On a side note, I got pooped on by a bird. Right after that happened, I was looking over at the Vietnamese crepe food cart and saw a HUGE ball of fire. One of the burners they were using had exploded and I'm sad to report that a couple of the chicks had gotten a lot of their hair singed off and had to go to the hospital. I hope they're OK though!

Thanks go out to Kev for letting me know about this event. My belly was so full of good food that I went into a massive food coma on the drive home. I had to do everything in my power to stay awake heh.


thesungirl said...

looks like an awesome event! Made me very hungry as always. :)

pst, where did you get your jacket? I just saw the top from your picture but it looks cute!

JadedOne said...

Thx Bri! I got it at Old Navy helllllza days ago. Perhaps when Justyn and I were first dating :P

-Susan- said...

I think I gianed 10 lbs. after looking at and reading this post. Sure looks yummy!