Monday, June 28, 2010

Haircuts, SF & Franchino

Ever since I moved out of my parents house (a loooong time ago), I've been struggling to find a hair salon that can cut my hair and style it in a way where I'll been happy with it. Nobody knows how to cut my hair! Well... now there is one place that does it right. My sister took me to a place in SF's Japantown. I was extremely happy with the results. The place is called Japan Center Beauty Clinic located in the Japantown's main shopping center. Of course I was very skeptical of this place because I haven't had a good experience with my hair to date. The hair stylist knew what he was doing though.

Before I show you pictures, I want to tell you what happened on the way to the salon. My sister was driving and we saw a guy on the sidewalk leaning against a crosswalk pole kinda wobbling back and forth. he stuck his foot out as we were stopped at the light. I told my sister that he was probably drunk but she didn't believe me so she rolled down my passenger window and asks the guy if he had been drinking. The guy denied it but you could clearly tell that he was intoxicated. After that he starts telling my sister that he loves her even as I rolled up the window and we started to move.

My sister was getting her hair permed so I walked around with Oscar to kill some time. When she was done, we drove over to North Beach to grab dinner. We ended up at a small restaurant called Franchino. She had yelped this place on her handy dandy iPhone 4G (which everyone simply drooled over). The owner of Franchino, who was a very friendly Italian guy, greeted us with open arms, almost as though we were family. We ordered a couple glasses of Cabernet, and a smoked mozzarella cheese appetizer. Janice wanted to know if they served buccatini pasta, but it wasn't on the menu and the daughter of the owner who happened to be our waitress, confirmed that they didn't have it. The owner, overhearing our conversation, rushes two doors down to buy a box of buccatini pasta just for Janice. Talk about going above and beyond! Our appetizer and entrees were amazing. Janice, who used to go to Italy on business, told me that the buccatini pasta was cooked perfect. I thought it was overly al dente, almost crunchy. The flavors were nice though.. very simple. I ordered the salmon fettucini with pesto sauce. Delish!

For dessert we went to a nearby coffee shop and got tiramisu (which I hate), some sherry & a cappuccino. The tiramisu was SO good! I was surprised and before we knew it, I had devoured half of it. By the time we were done with dessert we were pretty beat but I had to stop by the Rogue bar to pick up a Brutal IPA for Justyn before heading back home. It was such a relaxing and fun day in SF with my sister :D Thanks Janice!


thesungirl said...

Sounds like a great day! I used to get my haircut in SF Japantown too! :) That food made me drool as usual. ;)

-Susan- said...

Stephanie, I love your hair cut. Absolutely lovely! How have you been? By the looks of your blog, you are creating new cards like crazy.