Thursday, May 6, 2010

NAC: Congrats

So it seems like my cards have been picking up recognition lately, partially thanks to this blog & mostly because of the Cards Blog. I feel so honored and grateful that they're getting so much attention :D Friends tell me that my cards have always been great and I love that they say that but I honestly feel like NOW my cards are at the level they should be. I think I'm improving day by day though which is a great thing.

This particular card was requested by a friend who needed a congratulatory card for one of his friends who is graduating from college. He told me that it needed to have a "natural" look to it which I hopefully accomplished with this card. I struggled SO much with the sentiment because not only did I have to come up with a new template but the first few wouldn't fit! The font I based the template on used all capital letters which, no matter how I played with the size of the card and placement, would not fit right. Finally, I tried it out with lowercase letters with a different font that worked perfectly. I love the fact that the card is still a standard size and not any bigger. I think I could add something to the blank spaces between the green stitching and sentiment but that might distract from the main focus so I'll leave it alone.


-Susan- said...

Love it Jaded One! Simple and classy. Nice work! I think you cards are amamzing!

JadedOne said...

thanks :D

Trinh said...

Your stitched cards are amazing! Have seen your cards on the CARDS blog and am in awe of the perfect stitching & great designs!