Saturday, May 1, 2010

Cards Blog Challenge: Mother's Day Card

Up to date, I think this is the hardest and most technical card I've made. I struggled so much with the template for the "mom" part of it. Eventually I got it right though. I just googled "embroidery font" and used that to paper pierce on computer paper using my mat pack from Stampin Up. Then I adhered the computer paper template to the cardstock and used my mat pack stencil to make sure the holes were evenly aligned. Kinda hard to describe but it took me a good few hours of trial and error before I got it down. One tip that I learned through making this card is that once you're done paper piercing, go over it again to make the holes a little bigger so you're not tearing the cardstock with the needle and thread. It makes the embroidering a little cleaner.

After that I hand drew around "mom" to mimic what you would see on "I Love Mom" tattoos. I really like how it turned out despite a few mistakes in the stitching.


SmilynStef said...

Wow ... it was worth the effort ... what a fabulous effect. Congrats for being featured on the Cards Blog.

JadedOne said...

thanks! :D