Saturday, April 17, 2010

Cooking: Pulled Pork Pizza Rolls

This afternoon we're going to a party at our ex-neighbors place and I wanted to make something special despite the fact that I've learned my lesson on not making something new for people unless I've tried and perfected it. Recently, one of my friends linked me to a recipe for pizza rolls. What are they, you ask? Imagine Totino's pizza rolls but homemade and better. Yeah, that's what I thought too.

I also asked peeps what I should stuff the pizza rolls with since I wanted something unique. One of them mentioned pulled pork and cheese. Yum! How could I go wrong with that? I found a very easy pulled pork recipe on Chef John's website ( Hey.. I know it's ghetto but I don't have a smoker either and IT WORKS.

I put the seasoned pork butt in the oven at 10:23pm last night and this morning, 12 hours later.. it was falling off the bone. I couldn't transfer the pork to a bowl in one piece, it collapsed in pieces. Oh and flavor wise.. amazing.

My friend said the cheese on top looks good. "Definitely good but bigger is not better." Size consistency was definitely a problem. So if you try this recipe I recommend using a cookie cutter or something so you can get the pizza dough the right size for each portion.

I rough chopped the pork and added some store bought (Sweet Baby Ray's) BBQ sauce and some salt to reseason it. Then I stuffed the pizza dough with cheddar cheese, caramelized onions, and the pulled pork. I brushed the tops of the rolls with olive oil, more cheese & a thin slice of jalapeno.

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Donoho said...

Soooooo Goood. Not only was the end result Delicious, everything that went into it was Sooooo Tasty. ^_^ Thanks Steph!