Friday, March 5, 2010

Review: Clos LaChance

My friend, Erica, recently posted on her FB that she helped make a wine AND that it was available at Trader Joe's for $4.99! SWEET! She has a degree in wine making which she was telling us about a while back when we were still neighbors. When I heard that she helped make this wine, I HAD to try it.

The winery is called Clos LaChance and the wine that I tasted tonight is a 2006 Merlot. The label says it's violet-crowned but I have no idea what that means :) Maybe if Erica reads this, she can explain what it means.

Upon uncorking, I used my cheapo wine opener from Vegas and accidentally tore the cork in half. Woops! I ended up pouring some of the wine out to get rid of the cork bits that were floating on top. No big deal.. although I had to waste some wine :( Someone needs to give me back my rabbit!

I'm trying the wine out as I type this and I turned to Justyn to ask him what it smelled like. He had no idea and I currently have a cold. He says it's an easy drinking wine and that he could chug it. Haha... It really is easy to drink and very mild for a Merlot. It almost has a floral taste to it too which I enjoy. Justyn doesn't really enjoy wine as much as I do and for him to say that he could chug it is probably a good indication that it's good. I'm currently letting the rest of the wine breathe in the bottle so I'll make an edit to this post as more flavor develops.

In summary, it's a good and cheap wine if you're new to wine tasting. It might not stand out, but it's easy to drink which, from experience, is a good thing. Unlike most red wines, I would actually recommend that you pair this with fish. I think this would be a great summer wine.


Anonymous said...

Violet-crowned refers to a type of hummingbird. Clos LaChance refers to their basic level wines as the Hummingbird Series, and the wine's back label provides a few facts about the violet-crowned hummingbird. I agree on the wine as a decent weekday glugger, especially for the price. Cheers!

JadedOne said...

Excellent! :) Thanks for the explaination.