Saturday, March 27, 2010

Review: Bacon Marmalade

Last week I saw a video on ( that featured a chef that makes bacon marmalade. You heard right... BACON... MARMALADE. I was instantly intruiged and the video featuring the chef was so inspiring. He basically made a business out of a mistake. Personally, I hate making mistakes so to see him turn one into something awesome was really cool.

Anyway, to order this stuff you gotta email them. Their email address is listed on their website: I contacted them immediatly after watching the video. They paypal'ed me an invoice for $9 which is for a 4oz. bottle. It's a little pricey but once you taste this stuff... it's well worth it.

I broke it out this morning to have a taste. Damn, it's good. Probably not the healthiest thing to eat but I HAD to try it. I'll probably bring the remainder to a party and share it with everyone soon. Upon smelling it, you get a nice smokey aroma from the bacon with the sweetness from the onion. I would almost describe it as what you'd get in a Chinese BBQ pork bun. Justyn says it tastes like a strong taste of mashed bacon, onion and a sweet aftertaste.

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