Sunday, March 7, 2010

Justyn Cooking: Bacon Wrapped Hot Dogs

Yesterday at Lemons someone mentioned a roach coach that sold bacon wrapped hot dogs in Southern California. Why don't we have that stuff up here? Well, fret not... because as soon as it was mentioned, Justyn was craving it. He decided to make it for lunch. And yes.. it was as delicious as it you think it'd be. Warning: If you're trying to eat or be healthy, don't make this. Your loss though ;)


Princess Danell said...

Bacon Dogs! That's crazy delicious. As are your cards. Congrats on the birdie acknowledgement on CARDS blog. I would be the same as you...thrilled to bits, but no one "gets" it. We do in blog land! WWhooo hoo!

JadedOne said...

Thanks so much for stopping by :) You gotta give those bacon wrapped hot dogs a try! Super delish!