Sunday, December 20, 2009

Cooking: Beef Wellington

I decided that I was going to make Beef Wellington for dinner on Christmas Eve and since I hadn't made this for a very long time, Justyn suggested that I do a test run today.

I recently saw Tyler Florence's Ultimate Beef Wellington on Food Network. The recipe seemed easy enough and looked really delicious. His version calls for mushroom duxelle, proscuitto & mustard. Note the lack of liver product. I'm not a huge liver fan so this recipe called out to me even more. It also comes with a green peppercorn gravy and since I couldn't find the green peppercorns in the brine, I just excluded it.

Here's a picture of the meat and goodies before being bundled up.

I used a heart shaped cookie cutter to make a cute topping for the log.

I also made some roasted brussel sprouts which didn't turn out so well since they were slightly undercooked and some mashed potatoes.

I'm not going to make mashed potatoes for Christmas Eve since I was pretty wiped out after cooking this 3-course meal. Instead, I'll just serve it with some bread or something.

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Susan said...

Jaded, I wish there was Smell-email! This looks deeeelicious and Lovely as well.
Merry Christmas dear cyber-buddy!