Sunday, November 22, 2009

Pre-Thanksgiving with Friends

I'm not gonna post much because I'm not feeling well. I think I'm catching a cold or something but I feel a little better since Justyn took really good care of me. He brought me dinner & Little Big Planet for the PS3 so I've been playing that.

Yesterday Taryn & Will had their annual Thanksgiving for their friends and Ken invited us. Everyone there was so nice and fun it made the evening feel more like Thanksgiving than when I have it with my family. I think I said that last year too but it's true. Anyway, Justyn made corn pudding topped with bacon and I made Jamaican Jerk Beef Puff Pastries. These things flew off the two trays I brought and everyone loved them :) All the food was delicious including the pumpkin pie that Julie made. Look how she even made cut out leaves for the top :) Adorable! Big thanks to Taryn, Will, Taryn's mom and everyone who made the food. You guys rock!

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Susan said...

Love all the photos. Looks like you are well loved with good friends. (Really like the picture of Justin) Jaded, sorry you aren't feeling well. Sounds like you are being well cared for. Take care...get plenty of rest and drink lots of fluids. -The mother coming out in me Ü