Tuesday, November 17, 2009

New Toys

Just wanted to share with you guys on some new toys that I got recently. Since winning the $50 gift certificate through earthy.com at Jaden's (steamykitchen.com) book signing, I ordered some black garlic (I keep sticking my nose in it), tamarind concentrate & dashi broth. So, you'll probably be seeing some recipes with these ingrediants in them soon. (Ugh, Justyn just yelled at me to go to bed... I don't feel like it!)

I also bought the new Super Mario Bros game which I've been dying to play. Unfortunately it seems as though the game is suited for groups rather than one person. We'll see though, I bought the strategy guide for it since Justyn told me it's one of the hardest SMB games out there.. though I doubht him. :) It almost makes me wish I didn't give away my Dazzle so I could record gameplay again. Oh well.