Thursday, November 12, 2009

NAC: Stitched Stocking

Well... I finally figured it out.. Figured what out? A blanket stitch!
After seeing Savitri's card I had to learn how to do that. It must've taken me a couple weeks to figure out that I could just look up how to do it on youtube. Youtube is a awesome for learning techniques! I love it!

Here's the video I learned from:

I took me several rewinds before I got it down but after that it was really easy. You just have to make sure to pull the needle through the thread loop and make sure the spacing is even. Not too shabby for my first time huh?


Susan said...

Jaded, I love the blanket stitch. Sucn a homey feeling for what ever it is on. This is a precious card. I really think my favorite is the simple look. It has such a dramatic statement of it's own.

Off the subject...
Are you on facebook?

There are lots of things I'd love to share with you...let me know if you are a member. It is a fun way to communicate.

JadedOne said...

Thanks :)

Yeah I'm on FB.. I'm under Jaded Stephanie.