Friday, November 6, 2009

3 Year Anniversary in SF

On Thursday we went to SF to celebrate our third year being a happily married couple (hah). On he drive there we actually stopped at Michael's restaurant in Mountain View. One of Justyn's friends is a chef there. I ordered the pasta bolognese and Justyn had the reuben. I ended up leaving most of my dish uneaten and opted noshing on Justyn's fries heh. Their fries tasted similar to McDonalds fries. Mmm... fries.

After lunch we went to the Argonaut Hotel and got settled in. Justyn immediately laid down on the bed and I seriously thought he was not going to get back up but after a bunch of shaking and whining.. I got him up.

We stopped by a nearby bar called Jack's and had a pint.

And walked around the pier..

As a total bonehead (that's my new word), I made us go to Omnivore Books a day before Jaden of was supposed to be there. Ugh.. so retarded. There was another author there and I felt it was rude for us to leave so we stayed for his reading. It was pretty interesting to hear about him foraging for his own food. I wish I could remember his name...

Anyway, after that mishap, we went back to Fisherman's Wharf for dinner. Unfortunately, I forgot my camera! It wasn't much of an interesting dinner anyway. Justyn and I shared a cup of lobster bisque, clam chowder, grilled snapper & some pasta with clams, mussles & shrimp. I was not impressed with the food. Oh well..

After dinner we went back to Jack's bar since they had tons of beer on tap. I wanted to take Justyn to The Monk's Cellar (a gastropub), but we figured we might as well go to a local place to hang out. We ended up meeting some businessmen from Virginia that were totally wasted. They were a blast to hang out with. My stomach still hurts from laughing so much.

The next day we went checked out of the hotel and went to Chinatown for brunch. Justyn picked the place we ate at which was called Chef Hung's. I figured he chose the place because some people who looked like locals descended down the stairs into the restaurant. It was pretty empty but granted it was a Friday morning. Justyn ordered the ox tail stew and I had the chicken porridge. After a wild night I needed porridge which is a great hangover remedy. We also had an order of potstickers.
After brunch we went to Lefty O'Douls which is my ultimate favorite bar EVAR. The bartender, Paul is awesome and he actually remembered us from the last time we were there. He made me a couple drinks just based on what I liked and was super friendly. We also met a local merchant seaman by the name of Jimm Taranto. He's also a poet! Here's a poem that he wrote.
New Zoo
The chimps have jumped through their cages.
Fiddling with electronic twigs.
The gorillas have taken their seats,
obediantly blinking at flickering screens.
Noise has given birth to a billion beeping babies!
By whose design and to what end?
I refuse to be in the new zoo!
- Jimm Taranto
Not bad huh? He is kind of against technology and stuff but despite that he's a good guy.
After a few hours at the bar, we went to H&M to do some shopping before heading to Omnivore Books for the second time for Jaden's book signing. She had a bunch of swag for us which included a nice spatula, a measuring cup & chef's towel. Score! Not only that but she did a raffle and Justyn won a gift certificate for Earthy Delights and I got some software so I can dictate what I write. Unfortunately, it's for the Mac and I'm a PC girl. On top of that, I got my cook book signed by her! Yay!

After the book signing we went to The Front Porch which is a Cajun/Creole restaurant for dinner. They were packed but had a couple seats at the bar where we could still order dinner. I ordered the chicken fried steak with broccolini and Justyn had the chicken gumbo. Yumm... I devoured my plate. Anyway, I don't feel like writing anymore cuz I'm dead tired so just enjoy the pics :D


machete said...

very cool pics. I'll be trying some of those places you mentioned. I've been to that irish bar...pretty fun.

JadedOne said...

I loove Lefty O'Douls. If you go there, tell Paul the bartender we said hi heh.