Saturday, October 17, 2009

Dinner @ Darta Seafood Restaurant

Tonight for dinner we went to a Muslim Chinese restaurant. I didn't know exactly what the major differences were between regular Chinese and Muslim Chinese food until I tasted it. Erik had warned me that the food was know to be somewhat bland. I didn't know HOW bland it'd actually be. Damn... you'd think they would have soy sauce or salt. I had to add soy sauce to the ox tail stew. The rest was really lacking a little something. Usually with Chinese food the flavors kick the shit out of your mouth and tastebuds but I got nothing here. Maybe I should cut down on the salt and soy sauce with my own cooking to see if that makes a difference. Anyway, here are the pictures. (Green onion pancake, Sa Cha lamb, ox-tail stew, orange beef - Justyn ordered that!, beef with leeks and tofu)

After dinner we went back to Erik & Summer's for cheesecake that Kenny made. I really don't have much of a sweet tooth and to be honest, I was dreading having to eat dessert after dinner but Kenny's cheesecake was suprisingly good. It wasn't cloyingly sweet at all! I even finished the entire piece he cut for me :)

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Donoho said...

Looks good. Sorry it wasn't tasty.